Sleuthing around town

This last session we gathered info about the Learning Leaves school of wizardry around the city of Kilkeel. We found out that the school trains battle mages to fight in low magic situations and it has a great repository of magic items that are keep in it’s underground null-magic training field.

The characters interacted with new NPCs Niko, a necromancer at the local wizards’ guild, and Nelly, the patroness of the Buxom Blonde.

They are all set to head back to Nelly to see what else she was able to dig up about the school.

A meeting with Fergus

In this session we met with Fergus to find out about a job.

The job is to get into a wizard’s guild and steal an item. Fergus has provided the general information and an image of the item to be stolen.

Three WeeblePuss guild members have already failed to return from this mission and Fergus is beginning to think that perhaps the patron wasn’t as forth coming with information on the job specifics as was necessary.

Fergus would like you to see if you can uncover more information and then head out an complete the task and hopefully find and return the previous guild members or their remains.

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